Spray Tan




The best advice we can give you to prepare for your tan is to exfoliate moisturise and shave, 24 hours before you visit us.

The week before your tan you need to exfoliate your skin. Getting rid of nasty dead, dry skin and having fresh healthy skin cells will make sure that our Elite Spray absorbs deeply into the skin and makes you a natural golden colour! If you don’t exfoliate the tan will look less natural, won’t last as long and fade in patches-exactly what you don’t want! We advice using exfoliating gloves (available in most pharmacies) and a good moisturizing shower cream or exfoliator. However try to avoid soap or shower gels that do not contain moisturizing agents as they can really dry out the skin.

Make sure to shave your legs or remove any other unwanted body hair the night before your tan also. Preferably, if you wax, do it 2 days before your tan, to allow the skin to recover and for the pores to close.

After you have exfoliated, apply a good body moisturizer all over the body, but remember to have a shower the next morning to wash this off!

Lotions & Potions-Do not apply lotions, moisturizers or perfumes prior to your session. Use deodorant sparingly. If you want a perfect tan you need to trust us on this one.

Dress to Impress
Wear dark loose fitting clothing it goes without saying that white is not really alright, and neither are skinny jeans! Elite is quick drying and washes out of your clothes due to its low quantity of initial bronzer. However it’s the bra straps or tight tops that can stop you from looking like a golden goddess. Very tight clothes can affect the over all result of the spray.

To maintain your Tan the best advice is to moisturize moisturize moisturize! Remember healthy skin tans best.

Immediately after your tan:

Sweaty Betty’s
They just don’t cut it when it comes to looking after your glow! Avoid activities that may cause you to sweat excessively to avoid streaking. This includes exercise and any other strenuous activities!

Wait to shower
Remember, you have just been tinted with a water-soluble solution. So you must avoid water entirely for at least 8 hours or you will stop the tanning action of the spray and/or cause streaking. For best results don’t shower until the morning after your tan has been applied.

No Swimming & Spas!
Avoid chemically treated swimming pools and spas for at least 24 hours after your spray session to prevent your gorgeous color from fading. Even after this chlorine will strip the skin and fade your tan rapidly. We suggesting dipping in and out – as apposed to long soaks!



It spray tan Full Body €30
It spray tan Half Body €15
Elite full body spray tan €25
Elite Half body spray tan €15