Skin Bar @Blanchardstown

Try our NEW Skin Bar
Skin Bar at Blanchardstown branch is ideal for someone who wants to make a serious change to their skin concerns. It allows you to try out the products yourself under the guidance of our Skin Specilaists. So be warned you will need to take your make up off to try out the products.Your skin specialists will listen to the concerns you have for your skin and then guide you on the best homecare products to achieve maximum results. She will guide you on how to apply, remove and how to use your product all while you do it yourself at the bar.

How much is Skin Bar?
It only costs €10 for 20mins with the skin specialist. Your €10 can be redeemed off a Dermalogica product on the day.

What do skin bar?
So many people buy products over the counter as they might see a Tv ad or a friend tells them it is good. It is so important before investing into homecare products that you know what skin type you are and also want skin conditions maybe be happening at that time ie summer, winter, pregnancy etc. So before you pay out your hard earned money make sure you are getting something that will exactly make a change to your skin.

Why not go for a facial?
Yes be all means a facial is ideal as you get professional strength products on your skin and your skin specialist can analysise your skin. The problem with this is your skin will look and feel amazing after your facial but if you don’t continue on a daily basis with a proper homecare routine the benifits will not last. Also people buy products take them home and then don’t use them properly ie how many times a week, how much do i use, how long do i leave on skin. At skin bar you are shown all of this and you try it on the skin so you see and feel how it works.

What’s the difference between skin type and skin conditions?
Skin type is something you are born with and you cannot change but you can maintain and treat with the right products. Skin conditions and problems that occur at different times in your life. These can be treat and cleared again with the right products ie sensitivity, breakout, dryness etc.

What are Skin Specialists?
Sandra, Laura, Jackie and Ruth are our skin specialists in Blanchardstown branch. This team have been trained to the highest standard by Dermalogica. They have been proudly been awarded and certificated Dermalogica Skin Specialists. They have the knowledge on analyising skin types and conditions. The are passionate about getting results with skin care and treatments. So take the time and pop in for a Skin Bar.


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Learn how to create flawless, radiant skin for the party season in 3 simple steps!

Step 1
Cut through make-up, sunscreens and oil-based debris with PreCleanse, including key ingredients: Nourishing Olive, Apricot and Kukui Nut oils.

Step 2
Achieve superior smoothness and ultra-clean skin after just one use of dual-action exfoliating cleanser Skin Resurfacing Cleanser

Step 3
Finish off with SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 to smooth away fine lines, brighten and prime for flawless skin and to prep for make-up application

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