Traditional Bikini Wax

Removes the hair outside the knicker line on the sides not underneath. This is a good match for anyone who prefers to wear swimsuits that offer more coverage during beach season. If you plan on wearing a thong bikini, you’ll need a different waxing style that removes more visible hair.

Californian Bikini Wax

Removes some of the hair around the pubic area, but not all of it. This is another good match for those who are wearing swimsuits with more coverage, and any type of bikini bottoms that don’t reveal the inner thigh area. If you are wearing boy short bikini bottoms and like to stay relatively hair-free, this is the waxing style for you.

Brazilian Wax

Removes all hair around the pubic area except for a small strip (sometimes called a ‘landing strip’). A must for anyone planning to wear traditional bikini bottoms and other shorter panty-style swimsuit bottoms this season. Brazilian waxes may include hair removal around the buttocks and inner thighs.

Hollywood Wax

Complete removal of hair around the pubic area and buttocks. If you want to be completely hair-free for swimsuit season, you’ll need to go with this waxing style. This involves removing all traces of hair around the pubic area, inner thighs, and buttocks. A must for anyone wearing Brazilian bikini bottoms, thong swimsuit bottoms, or other revealing swimsuit bottoms during beach season.





*All waxing requires patch test 24 hours

Full leg €35
Full leg (incl bikini) €42
Half leg €20
3/4 leg €27
Upper half leg & bikini €30
Bikini line €15
Underarm €15
Abdomen €8
Lip €10
Chin €10
Lip & chin €17
Full arm wax €20
Face ( sides) €14
Eyebrow €10
California advanced (high cut ) €25
Brazilian advanced (landing strip) €35
Hollywood advanced ( total) €45

After Waxing Procedures

  • No heat treatment sauna steam for 24hrs
  • No shower for 24hrs
  • No swimming for 24hrs
  • Wear loose clothing
  • No creams or lotions for 24hrs only aloe vera